Hello Wefugees,

Hope that you are all in good health.

I would like to ask a question and would be glad to have your valuable and relative advice and information.

My Situation:

After completing my vocational training, now i am holding a residence permit according §18a abs. 1 for the period of 2 years. Currently i have 6 months left to be 2 years and because of Pandemic i have applied for the extension on Monday this week.

My questions:
1. Because of an emergency situation (Sick grandma) i want to visit my home country (Bangladesh), am i allowed to travel to my home country with this residence permit considering that i have just applied for the extension? Although my current residence permit card still has 6 months  to be expired.

2. Anything else i should consider or do if i want to travel to my home country soon like next week if i am allowed to do so.

Thank you for your effort, help and support. Hope to hear from you soon.

Have a good day and stay safe and healthy!
asked Jun 2, 2021 in Legal advice by Smile | 417 views
Hallo Smile,
I am doing a vocational training and I will finish next year I am with the ( Ausbildungduldung)
I am hoping to get my residence permit too in grounds of Para.18abs .
Please what was the process to that you took to get this document.

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