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I am a woman with a German child and hold a Duldung for 12 months now. What are the chances to apply for my resident permit?
I need to apply for a resident permit paragraph 28 here and not from my home country. Do we have people here that went back to apply for a visa and came back?
asked Mar 30 in Legal advice by Lorie

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Have you Applied for aufenthaltserlaubnis in  ausländebehöder in your city.
Thinking of going to your home country to apply is not the best way. You have to apply first but is not 100% they accept your application but if they reject it they will give you another option to go back to your country then your lawyer have to appeal for the rejection.  
I think in your case but too sure they will reject if you apply
answered Mar 30 by Gentle james
I did apply and they did reject my application. I saw 4differents lawyers to help me applied here instead of going back home like suggested by the Ausländer Behörde. They all said the same thing, going back home is the best option for me and I will be eligible for a vorabzutimung to go back home with and apply there which will make the procedure quicker. So what way are you suggesting in this case?  Why going back to apply isn't the best option?
@Lorie, pls what region are u in germany? Bcos, maybe the Auslanderbeholden there is not friendly and maybe they also work together with the lawyers there too.. so what city??
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