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Please am from Ghana and my girlfriend is from Ghana too but she has residence permit, my problem is, am done with sorgerecht and Vaterschaft, but am still afraid to go back asylum camp because my documents is expired more than 2years.

I have following documents.

  • Vaterschaft and Sorgerecht from Notar
  • DNA Test
  • Child birth certificate 

My Aufenthaltsgestattung is expired. 

Please i want advice. Thank you 

asked Mar 24 in Legal advice by Kujee

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Dear @Kujee,

Welcome to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us.

Someone is getting an "Aufenthaltsgestattung" if he/she applied for asylum in Germany. If you left the camp 2 years ago and never contacted the authorities anymore, I am afraid that your asylum procedure might have been stopped by now. I assume that you can not simply go back to the camp where you stayed before. The BAMF probably tried to contact and invite you for an interview in the meantime. 

It is good and important that you took care of all the documents of your child already. However, there is unfortunately no guarantee that people having a residence permit holding child will get a residence permit as well. Please see, for instance, this thread for more information.

As your situation is quite complicated, I would highly recommend you to contact a lawyer or a well-established migration counselling office. There are too many uncertainties and you should discuss your whole situation on an individual basis.

In any case, also don't hesitate to get back to us if you have any further questions.

All the best,


answered Mar 26 by Meike
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