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As an asylum seeking marrying a German must I present A1 certificate before applying for my residence permit?
asked Mar 18 in Legal advice by Mario123
edited Mar 18 by Mario123
Thank you very much for your answers God bless can I have your WhatsApp  contact or an email so I can text you privately please ?

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2 Answers

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No that is not really important.  Maybe they will ask you if you don't have it but that is not important to them. Or your german woman can also translate to you if they don't speak English.
answered Mar 18 by Gentle james
Thank you very much,  what permit do I get when I get married 1 year or 3 years
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Sometimes it depends on the city landratsamt. Normally 3 years Some city can issue you 1 year . It is example when you have a german child some city issue 3 year some city 1 year.
answered Mar 18 by Gentle james
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