Hello , Good day everyone ... please I need an advice , i already have a bachelors degree in computer science from my country but in my country I Focused on Digital marketing - SEO, SEM , PR , Google for ads ... in here now and my case in in court and it started last October ... since I don’t know how long the court case takes and what the outcome may become , I decided to take my life and try to start fixing it as I can ... I’m currently in German course level B1 as I have been in Germany since April 2020...  I currently have a full time job which isn’t based on my skill or degree but pay all of my bills very comfortably and I’m quite okay as I do not get any support from the government and live independently.

Im currently in the mix as I have always wanted to apply or do my masters degree program ... that had been my big dream and at the moment I have applied to a private university which I think I will get admitted and start my study program for 1 year and my salary can be able to pay for my fees as I should pay about 300 euros a month for the study ... but on the other hand in concerned if my Asyl comes as a negative, would it have been better if I applied and went for Ausbildung ?? And since both my language program and my masters program are online and my masters program is flexible , I felt I can do it for the one whilst I work to get atleast B2 Level in German and if in worst cases , my masters program and certification can give me a boost and competitive edge in looking for an Ausbildung plats as I have already applied and most are coming back as NO ...

should I wait , and go for an Ausbildung even if it’s next year or should I take the university program and hold on to it and build both skills and portfolio ??

Please sincere answers would be greatly appreciated ...

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asked Mar 9, 2021 in Education by Sanesam | 443 views
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