Hello,  I am seeking residence permit in germany through my daughter. Her father is a permanent resident. The augsburg stadt did not give me residence and advised me to go back to my country so I took the matter to court.  Yesterday augsburg stadt gave my lawyer an offer to tell me to go back to my country and reapply and they will allow me come back in 6 months and if I do so the case leaves court. My question is , do I trust them? Corona is rampant in my country now taking my baby there is not safe for either her or me. Also I don't have any means to support her or even housing as I quit my job before I came here. Should I continue with the court? Please help i only have one week to decide. Also I don't trust my lawyer. Wouldn't mind  speaking with a counselor
asked Jan 27, 2021 in Legal advice by Nnemarris | 319 views

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@Nnemarris, just continue with the court.. dont take the offer of going back because of so many difficulties back home and corona issue too.. so, try to appear in court and speak to the judge about the issue back home and very sure u will be favoured... Good-Luck Blood..
answered Feb 9, 2021 by Obumkelly79
Thanks I've done that. Appreciate your response
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