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I have a German child and they ask me to go back to my country and get visa what should I do ??
asked Jan 28, 2020 in Other Questions by Victor22

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Hi @Victor22, thank you for contacting the wefugees community. Basically the Ausländerbehörde is right when asking you to go to your homecountry and apply for the correct visa. The law says they CAN refrain from this if you a) have a right (Anspruch) to get the residence permission and b) it is not reasonable to go back for the visa application. "B)" depends on the individual case. I recommend you turn to a local refugee advisor who can take a closer look at your case. I hope I could answer your question! Regards, Ruth
answered Jan 29, 2020 by mbeon-Ruth
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I have to go to court with the ausländer next because my lawyer take them to court
answered Jan 29, 2020 by Victor22
@Victor22, must I go back to Bayern? I was thinking I can make the process in my gf state ? I hate that Bayern
@Tosin, I left about 11 months ago. Must I seek asyl back? And must I go back to Bayern? I hate bayern. Is it possible I can do all here in my woman state?
@Obumkelly79, can't I do all here in my woman State? Must I go back to Bayern ? Do you think it will be possible if I take lawyer here in my woman state and start the process here ?
@David123 Take a lawyer and he/she will tell you what to do ok
@Victor22 thanks bro
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