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Can you please inform me when can I apply for permanent residence permit.
Last month I got residence permit according to 25b AufenthG.
I working here from last 6 years
asked Jan 23 in Legal advice by Mirza usman

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Dear @Mirza usman,

if the 25b residence permission is the first residence permission you ever had in Germany, §9 of the german residence act applies. Usually you need 5 years with a residence permission to apply for permanent residence permit (exceptions for refugees academics). You find the law here:

In section 9 of the german residence act you'll find the requirements you need to fullfil when applying for permanent residence. Very interesting is also section 9b: This addresses counting residence periods.

It would be interesting to know what title / residence permission you've been holding the past 6 years.



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answered Jan 25 by mbeon-Ruth
Hallo am Xisco,please I need your advice,i have been using Duldung since 1yr and 5months now and the Ausländerbehörde are threatening to deport me and asking me to bring my passport.My Question is my son and wife have resident permit (para.25 abs.3) will I be able to obtain the same resident permit if I gave them my passport or will I be deported.Thanks
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