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I have applied for a Family reunion in New Delhi German Embassy.

Yesterday I have received a message from the embassy verification team that marriage documents have been verified and correct but in the Birth Certificate, they found some discrepancy in the Date - as per the hospital record, they are saying it is 1-Mar-1990 and in the document, it is 30.04.1990 that is available in all my wife all govt documents.

I don't know if we can take any exception through Lawyers for mismatch dates or it is impossible to do so as the year of birth is matching with documents and we have a difference of 2 months in birth dates.

in India, during the 1990 citizens usually do not take birth certificates seriously and govt used to capture them offline and that create lots of discrepancies in dates, this is the reason I have applied for the new certificate due to a mismatch in dates also for my wife and in Advance, I can get a digital birth certificate with the same date that we have in all documents - 30.04.1990.

I have not officially received any response from the new Delhi embassy as of now but soon they will inform me regarding this.

I really don't know how the embassy will handle this type of case and what should I need to do so that my wife can get the visa.

Is there are chances of rejection of this, if yes can I appeal


Ravi Katariya
asked Jan 15 in Legal advice by Katarirv

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