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How long does it take for Berlin Ausländerbehörde  to process for family reunion visa when they receive it?
asked Nov 22, 2018 in Legal advice by kiko

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2 Answers

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Dear @kiko, thank you for joining us in the community. As for your question: The length in time depends highly on the place where the people have applied for the visa, e.g. in Istanbul, Erbil, Beirut, for Afghans in Delhi, Islamabad it takes over 1 year. Here the Ausländerbehörde is quite quick in responding but until they get an appointment at the embassy- that is what makes it quite long. So in order to process things faster the applicant here in Berlin needs to proof that he/she needs for health reasons the famly members fast in Berlin. The best way to do that is to send an Email after the application is submitted to the embassy and the Ausländerbehörde in CC. I hope this could guide you a bit, if you need further assistance please feel free to reach out to the community. Best regards, Nilab
answered Nov 23, 2018 by Nilab
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Thanks so much for your reply. I applied from the Germany embassy in Uganda. So I would to know for how long it could take because for the Ausländerbehörde in Berlin to process for our family reunion. Am currently in Uganda & my wife in Germany
answered Nov 25, 2018 by kiko
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