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Dear Wefugees,

I am in need of help as I am still confused about this.

I am now holding a residence permit under Anmerkungen "17 Abs. 2 Aufenthg Pass(Ersatz)". Currently I am a student in a Studienkolleg Leipzig and have been staying in Germany since January 2020.

I am in need of a part time job, because I don't think my parents can support me financially anymore. But on my residence permit, there are no description about such thing as part-time job.

I need to know cleary if I could do it. I've heard a lot of people doing part-time job while studying as a student in Studienkolleg, but I just don't know if I could with my visa and if I really can, what should I do? Where do I have to go, etc? Do i have to fill a form and apply for the permit each time, which will then go through all the processes such as confirmation of 'Agentur für Arbeit' or am I eligible to have a part time job permit without any restriction?

Lastly I am so sorry for the long (and maybe silly..) question and me being clueless. I hope to see a clear explanation and any information would be really helpful. Thank you so so much for your help, this app really means a lot to me :(

Have a nice day!
asked Jan 14 in Work by thisisapril

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