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My Asylum Details as below,

Germany is first country to apply Asylum. However I had visa from another EU. Because of that I have Dublin.

August applied Asylum

November 4th 2019 Dublin decision came

November 6th 2019 appeal against it

November 20th 2019 appeal rejected.

6 month completion without deportation supposed to be may 20 2020. However due to covid lockdown BAMF hold the deportation on 19 March.

Then bamf send me letter on June 15th which mentioned 6 months recounting. We appeal against it. We got the court decision deportation stop. However BAMF reappeal again court decision. Since last July I am waiting for response. My case still not opening by BAMF. Need opinion and advices. Will they still deport under Dublin?
asked Jan 10 in Asylum proceedings by Coop

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