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Dear All,

Anyone having 2019 Dublin deportation statistics.

Germany to Finland
Germany to protugal
Germany to Czech Republic
Germany to Norwey

Highly appreciate if someone can provide in detailed hence I cannot find on Google.

I need in details such as number of Deportation, number of deportation successful done...etc
asked Jan 27, 2020 in Asylum proceedings by Kaiser

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Dear @Kaiser, thank you for contacting wefugees. I guess your question is very interesting for many others! you'll find a very detailed statistic here: In addition I would like to draw your attention to the party "Die Linke": They ask the government regularly about Dublin and then publish the answer / statistics on their homepage. Please note that the statistics you'll find there is only numbers. To give you good advice about your (or someone else's) individual case, I recommed you make an appointment with a refugee advisor near you. Or you contact me via "mbeon", a free and confidential app where you can discuss your questions with professional refugee advisors. Regards, Ruth
answered Jan 29, 2020 by mbeon-Ruth
That's super good. by any chance will it be possible to get English document?
Hi @Kaiser, I don't think so. I've never seen it in english. I assume the most relevant information for you is the relation between german requests to take someone over to successful deportations. You'll find this starting from page 18. Regards, Ruth
Good let me have look. Because of Corona virus or such as cases will they suspend deportation temperory
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