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Hello every one and thank you in advance 

I am an asylum seeker from Syria in Stuttgart and delivered myself to an asylum camp 3 days ago. I have come with a Portugal national visa from Turkey to Luxembourg, in Luxemburg airport they took fingerprints from the 4 fingers of my right hand. Then I had a 2 months internship in Portugal (25.06.2022-25.08.2022). and then return back to Turkey because of graduation and taking my diploma and transcript. After graduation I wanted to continue my education so I have applied for PhD, unfortunately I wasn't selected.So they don't extend my resident permit so I have to come to the EU because I can't go back to my homeland.

My Questions

1-My visa expiration date is 15.10.2022 so how can I prove that I went to Turkey and come illegally by see to Italy and then to Germany because visa expiration date is so close to my asylum application start date and I have lost my passport?

2- Does BAMF check deeply for finding EU Entry/Exit and can they find my Luxembourg airport fingerprint or is was just for seceurity porposes?

3- If they do not believe that I have left the schengen region, what happen If I say that I come by visa and I have waited for my visa expiration?

asked Nov 13, 2022 in Asylum proceedings by Ali Naweed | 1 view
I will link our dear experts @mbeon-fardeen and @mbeon-éanna here, maybe they can help you. Thank you for your work! :) Meanwhile, I'll do a little research and we'll get back to you. Warmly, Saskia

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