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my friend  (Syrian) received a schengen visa from Greece she traveled to Greece for one week then traveled to Germany. and she wants to apply for asylum in Germany but we heard that there might be a possibility of deporting her back to greece.

what can she do in order to erase or eradicate that possibility? e.g hiding if it works how many months should she hide

please give me thorough details if you know about it. thank you.
asked Mar 17 in Asylum proceedings by Rio

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Dear @Rio

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us again. 

Yes, you are right. According to the so-called Dublin regulation, the country which issued the visa will most probably be responsible for the asylum procedure. If your friend travels to Germany and applies here, there is a chance that she will get deported to Greece. From my point of view, hiding is never a good option and makes things even more complicated. 

However, I will link our dear @alla_fka here, maybe she can give some advice on this situation. 

Another question: Does your friend have close family in Germany? 

All the best, 


answered Mar 26 by Meike
do her cousins count as close relatives?
Her cousins are from her mom's side of the family, she has 3 of them residing in germany and one of those 3 got the german citizenship recently
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Hallo Rio,

the country which gave a visum is responsible for the asylum procedure during the validity of this visum and 6 months after its expiring date. That means, your friend must stay illegal somewhere this whole period, which is probably difficult. If the police catches her, she will probably get a criminal procedure because of illegal staying in Germany (illegaler Aufenthalt). If she leaves Europe (the space of Dublin states), comes back being able to give a proof that she was away, and the visum is expired, then Greece wouldn't be responsible any more (in this case 6 months after expiring don't matter). The problem is that she must find a possibility to come to Europe once more and then she must come directly to Germany if she wants Germany to be a responsible country from the very beginning.

If she starts her asylum procedure in Germany now, she will, with most probability, get a rejection "Asylum application inadmissible" from BAMF, with the threat of deportation to Greece. She can claim against it in the administrative court. It is difficult to evaluate her chances. If she has serious health problems and can prove it, her chance that the court permits her to stay in Germany is perhaps not bad. The courts in Germany decide very differently, but there are many positive decisions about Greece, especially for vulnerable persons.
answered Mar 29 by Alla_fka
thank you so much for your help. really appreciate what you guys are doing to us. we will always be grateful. and we hope someday we can help in making this country (Germany) the best in the world. as it is right now
Thanks a lot for your feedback. Glad to know that my advice was helpful :))
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