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Happy new year, Wefugees
me & my family have been granted a residence permit & I'm doing my integration course, my wife is not working at the moment...she is taking care of the little kids at home..she would like to register for a driving license...I'm asking if it's possible for the jobcenter to pay for her driving license or not..we both under number 2 question! the court ask me to go & bring my country passport, for me & my family together, & i don't have any money with me to obtain my passport, because I'm not working for now, so am i the one to pay for the passport money or jobcenter,
Thanks for your understanding
asked Jan 9 in Legal advice by davide

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Hello davide@ thanks for your question on wefugee platform.

My answer to your question is no , Jobcenter will only pay for the driving license if only get a job and the job depends driving license class B and as she's not working,  then Jobcenter can pay for the driving license and before Jobcenter will pay for her driving license,  she need to provide working contract , when the job will be started, how much you will receive per hour and attach letter from the company to show that she needs driving license class B.

And for your second question too , the answer is also no. Jobcenter does not pay for people for obtaining their home passport,  you have to pay for it by yourself.  

I hope I have answered your questions.
answered Jan 11 by Denny28
Thank you very much for your answer
Hello @davide and thank you for your answer dear @Denny28! I would agree with your explanations! Best, Meike
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