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Hi ,

I have a driving licence class B but I would like to

Get LKW licence I Heard- it’s quite expensive but I also heard that of you talk with your local job centre office they might pay you partially and some says they pay fully even though if you are working they will pay , is that true ?  Please explain me In details I live in Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart
asked Dec 15, 2019 in Work by Parthi dharan

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Dear @Parthi dharan,

thank you for sharing your question with wefugees! I will try to give you some more details concerning LKW driving licence and a possible funding by the Jobcenter/Arbeitsagentur.

At first I would like to give you an idea about the approximat costs. In general, it can be said that the exact costs of a LKW driver's license cannot be determined 1:1. Each learner shows a different learning progress in theory and practice lessons. Depending on the effort, there are different hours of driving per student. However, there are mandatory hours for potential truck drivers prescribed by law. These can serve as the basis for finding a rough price for the driver's license. The price of a truck driver's license depends primarily on the preferred vehicle class. Compared to a car driver's license, it is significantly more expensive, especially since the different driver's licenses are based on one another. I found the following overview, which show the approximat costs:

Organizational costs

First aid course

50-80 €

Eye test

30-40 €

Health certificate

30-40 €



Application for driving licence

40-80 €

Bureaucratic costs

examination of the application

5-10 €

driver's license issue

30 €

Registration fee

ab 150 €

Driving school fees

teaching material

60 - 100 €

theory lessons

ca. 400 €

Practice hours (only prescribed)

ab 600 €

Exam fees

theory test

20,83 €

Practical exam

140,42 €


~ 2000,00 €

Driver's license B is a prerequisite for obtaining a truck driver's license. Apparently you already have it which is good.

Second to your question of a possible funding by the Jobcenter/employment agency. It is correct that the job center or the employment agency pay the costs for the truck driving license under certain conditions. This could also apply even though you are working. To check whether you meet the requirements, please contact your local employment agency. You can find the contact dates here:

I hope I could give you some helpful information. Good luck for you and all the best!


answered Dec 16, 2019 by MBEon-Sophie
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