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 Hello; I‘ave a problem with my documentation; and I had an appointment at the foreign office and after 9 months of waiting for the appointment; I was given a certificate name (Illegal Reiser certificate) and am Registered and ever since the Jo center started denying my girlfriend of all the necessary benefits and Interestingly what is left is only a nut Pin and my question is do I qualify to be registered with a Social(help) from the government??? Since my girlfriend has a new baby and that money she receives from the Job center is nothing to write home about. Do I have need a lawyer to battle. I already have a lawyer but the attitude tells me point blank that she is a state lawyer.She tells me what I’ave is nothing and she cannot help me register for a Social help. And what is pathetic is bills keeps coming from ARD(radio&tv service).

In fact I don’t know what to do now; I don’t also have any document or permit to help so that I could even cater for my family????
Thanks in advance
asked Jan 9 in Legal advice by Joseph Agyemang

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