Hi I hold a biometric residence card with indefinite leave to remain in UK under EU settlement scheme which I got it from my ex husband. I want to get married to my fiance who is in france and he has asylum there.We both hold pakistani passport. I want to bring him in UK .

What’s possible before brexit happens?
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asked Dec 13, 2020 in Information & Offers by Nehajani0209 | 280 views
Dear @Nehajani0209, Welcome to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us. The platform and our experts are based in Germany. Therefore, we unfortunately might not be able to share too much of experience and knowledge on UK immigration regulations/procedures here. It may help if you could give more details on your current residence permit. In any case, as long as your partner is in the pending asylum procedure, he will not be able to travel legally to the UK. You may consider to get married in France as first step. Or is he a recognized refugee? As soon as you are married, he will need to apply for a family reunification visa at the British Embassy. Depending on your residence permit, requirements will vary. But as I mentioned, I am unfortunately not familiar with the respective regulations in the UK. However, in case you want to discuss further and share some more details (of course not personal data etc.), I am happy to support with research as well. All the best, Meike
Thank you soo much for your reply it means a lot.

I currently hold a UK biometric residence card with EU settlement scheme which shows that I have an indefinite leave to remain in UK.

My fiancee is still in the process he is not a refugee, I can definitely travel to France to get married but can I get married with the documentation that I hold?

Thanks once again
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