I mean the answer is obviously yes, but my main question is what are the steps for moving to Germany.

My brother is a refugee in France and he is married to a German citizen. Now he wishes to move to Germany, so he needs a family reunion visa.

So, what are the steps for that?

Here is the current situation:

He has his appointment at the German Embassy in France tomorrow for submitting the FRV application(it took him 6 months to get this appointment) and he has France’s Refugee Travel Document(RST), as he is not allowed to get the passport of his country of origin.

So, please explain what are the caveats of this situation, what other stuff he needs besides the documents mentioned on the embassy’s website etc, and how does his status as a refugee effects this situation and what are its limiting effects?
asked Dec 13, 2022 in Legal advice by basilius | 206 views

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Dear @basilius,

I also had a **** through the list of documents the German emabssy in France requires and I cannot think of any reason it should be any different for your brother. The German authorities should accept his RST for the purpose of his visa application and entering Germany as it is issued by another EU country. The only potential issue I can think of in his case is regarding his identity. As he cannot provide a passport, the German embassy may ask him to prove his identity in other ways (e.g. birth certificate, ID card etc.).



answered Dec 19, 2022 by mbeon-Éanna
He does have a ID card issued by France and a driving license as well. So, I suppose that should not be an issue, thanks for your help. The Embassy has taken his documents and now they are waiting for contact from the Auslanderbehorde, so I hope that there will be no issues.
What if he still an asylum seeker not yet a recognised asylum seeker.is it possible for him to relocate to German
It is not possible to move between EU countries while still in the asylum process. This is in line with the laws of the Dublin Regulation. There are some exceptions, for example if a family member is in another EU country.
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