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My fiancee and i work in poland as a foreigner ( Nigerian) with a work permit, can we get married legally in poland ?
asked Nov 11, 2020 in Legal advice by Toss

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Yes is possible.  I live in germany and I traveled to Poland with my girlfriend to marry .they required my passport .birth certificat and bachelor certificat and translated to polnische language which I gave them at Standesamt in poland opole but they problem I have they told me nigeria bachelor certificate is not recognized because I bring it from nigeria. Only option they gave me to go Warschau to apply it in court so they can issue it to me which takes 6 months
When I consult lawyer and he called them they said nigeria can fake documents even if they are married. Then the lawyer told me if I can get a house to make a (resident ) then he can apply the for bachelor certificat in a low court the process will not take 2 months they will issue me the bachelor certificat.
I just tell you my  past experience I had in stadtsamt in opole poland  as you said you guys are working there that mean u guys have resident which is possible to get married there also.  Even my bachelor certificat is on process in Warschau which I called the lawyer he told me is not yet ready because of lockdown it will take time to be out
answered Nov 12, 2020 by Gentle james
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