I was supposed to renew my Duldung in July but then I get a letter for auslanderbehorde that because of corona I should come on 22 October.But then they sent a letter to my lawyer that I should leave Germany on 22 October so my lawyer appeal on the case but we haven’t get any answer yet.While all this was going on i got accepted into an Ausbildung and my lawyer sent the papers to the auslanderbehorde...but they because I’m from a safe country they won’t allow me to make the Ausbildung.They told me if I don’t live Germany before 22 October police can come and take me at anytime.They know my son health is not good but they said I can get some of the medicine to buy in my home country.I went to the auslanderbehorde today and they give me a paper written; “Duldungsverlängerung; bitte um Vorsprache” .Bitte mitbringen ; dieses Schreiben

1.Reise oder nationalpass


3.Aktuelle Bescheid zur Bewilligung von Leistung zur Sicherung des Lebensunterhalts(nach SGB II)oder,ggf.Leistungsbescheid(über Leistung nach dem AsylbLG).

4.2x Duldungen

5.Bring ihren Sohn

This is what is written in the letter that I should come on 22 October.But I’m afraid they will deport me because this is the date the give me to leave Germany.Should I go or not?  Will they deport me if I go? What should I do? Why do they want me to bring my son with me?Because they have everything of photos and all.I don’t understand.I’m scared.....please help!.
asked Oct 19, 2020 in Asylum proceedings by Shenty | 1,151 views

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First of all, it would be important for me to know which country or city you and your son come from, you just meant a safe country.

Originally you should get an extension of the „Duldung“ right? So you‘ve already received a „Duldung“ before?

For what reason did you receive the “Duldung” at first? and did your son also have or had a “Duldung”?

I would advise you to contact your lawyer again, if you want I could contact him or call the immigration office and ask about the current status? 

I hope that will help to get more information about your recent state and that you are no longer scared.

Best wishes 


answered Oct 20, 2020 by Julia BaSEl
I don’t have an extension of the Duldung yet.My son and I use to have a Duldung but not anymore for the past three months....The auslanderbehorde sent me this letter to come on 22 oct and that is this week Thursday.My home country is Ghana.
Is there a phone number on the letter?
Please send me and I will call for you if you want me to and ask them what the letter means
Yes...This is the number 040428992288...Thank You.
Thank You so much for your reply...I will go there with someone.My lawyer won’t be around at that time.Also my lawyer said; He has apply for “Antrag auf humanitäre Aufenthaltserlaubnis” because of my son’s health condition but they haven’t  answer him yet.Mind you ...they already sent me a deportation letter to leave Germany before 22 October.....that’s why I’m scared.
Yea this letter is different from the first one.The first one was about deportation so they printed my son and I photo together and the reason why they want to deport us.Because they said Ghana is a safe country and we can get some of the medicine to buy in Ghana for my son.Thank You For Your Encouragement...
I will come back and tell you whatever happens.God bless you too....You have given me hope.
They give me three weeks Duldung for my son and I and they said I should seek asylum for my son’s health.They already told me to seek asylum for my son’s health a month ago but when I ask my lawyer,he said I shouldn’t because he has make “Antrag fur humanitarian”.But when I told the auslanderbehorde what my lawyer has applied for they said they don’t care.And the one I went with said but now is corona and the child health won’t be good for them to deport us so why is she taking like that.....she said since my country airport is open it is “egal” for her.And my friend also ask but we have an open case at the court and there’s still no reply.What she said was that; I can have an open case at court and they can still deport me so I should seek asylum for my son before my next appointment with them.Because if I don’t do that then she don’t care about what will happen next.....hmmm I’m now confused....what do you think I should do?
Hmmm...l live in Hamburg.... I’m not ready to have a child again now.
I think that due to corona you and your son will not be deported the next time.  
Do you need a new lawyer in Hamburg or surrounding or are you satisfied with your recent one?
Bye julia
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