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Dear sir or Madam

I have applied the the asylum 2017, then I got yellow letter with negative results, after that I hire the lawyerand  I appeal in court and than they rejected.

After that I appeal in bamf they rejected also.

After that I appeal in court now my asylum is pending in court I give them some documents to prove I have problems to my country.

I just want to ask to you, Ausländerbehörde ask to me above 1 year summit the document or fill the your emergency certificate..this is like out pass. But I have not give them anythings and I have not filled and Form.

They give to me only 1 week visa and but before they give to me 3 months visa.

So i want your advice, if I give to them my birth certificate copy so then they can be deport to me or when they can.  I have duldung.
asked Feb 7, 2020 in Legal advice by gurpreetsingh1987kkr
@gurpreetsingh1987kkr be careful that they won't deport you because they need this document to identify you and a means to deport you. Now they put people in deportation prison . Just be careful bro and sorry you are facing this stress. It's not easy at all . I got my own problem too

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I need information about this
answered Feb 7, 2020 by gurpreetsingh1987kkr
@gurpreetsingh1987kkr just be careful . Deportation is real because I know people that are close to me been deported to Nigeria just because they give them their birth certificate.
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They have any chance they can deport to me or they will send to me in jail or do anything special, if I do not give them anythings.?Now they give to me by post auswise 1 month, but i am scared, can guess me what  I do.
answered May 12, 2020 by gurpreetsingh1987kkr
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