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Good morning, I request your help.  My wife and I came to Germany by plane in January 2020 to Berlin requesting asylum from outside the airport.  Three days after arriving at the center they sent us to the corresponding state according to our nationality, on March 18 they assigned us the first interview but due to the same pandemic that same day they decided to cancel it, in June they transferred us to a shared apartment without even having the  interview we have almost 9 months in total and we still have no news for our first interview.  What should we do, why do these cases happen like this?  Thank you very much for your reply.
asked Oct 19, 2020 in Asylum proceedings by Brad loui

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Good evening,

Due to Corona pandemic I guess that it would be difficult and unlikely that your interview will take place in the next months. That has probably also been the reason why it has taken such a long time so far. But as you have not received a letter of deportation so far, there is no reason to worry. In your Situation I would take legal advice or contact „Ausländerbehörde“ of the German State  by phone or mail, I can also help you if you need E-Mail addresses or phone-no. of agencies or a lawyer, but please tell me before in which state of Germany you live.

Thank you and best wishes

answered Oct 20, 2020 by Julia BaSEl
Thank you very much for responding, in June we were renewed the Ausweis until December we are in ludwigshafen am Rhein
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