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Please my girlfriend is 8 months pregnant and I need a good lawyer who is espect in immigration and assulym  matters to assist me to get my resident permit since I'm illegal staying with my girlfriend
asked Aug 26, 2020 in Asylum proceedings by Armstrong68

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I once used kuntze he is a bit expensive but very experienced in immigration law

Dormannstrasse 28
30459 Hanover

Telephone: + 49 (0) 511 42 60 96  
Fax: + 49 (0) 511 42 60 98 USt-IdNr. DE 115775496 Court subject: 98
answered Aug 27, 2020 by Pan 123
selected Sep 18, 2020 by Armstrong68
Because I have already been there and started the process so I'm thinking when I will hear from him again? So how many weeks did yours take
It might take 2 weeks to even 2 months to get a response.
Auslanderbehorde in Hannover has alot of cases so just be patient
Okay thank you, I'm hoping I get a better response. So where are you from?
Hello bro i went to kuntze as you said but my girlfriend has already given bith 10weeks ago but i haven't hear anything from him, what will be the problem
Hello Pan123 i went to kuntze as you said but my girlfriend has already given birth 3months 2weeks ago but i haven't stillhear anything from him, I have send copies of the birth certificate of the child to him, what will be the problem
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