My boyfriend who is a Gambian refugee, need a new lawyer very fast as the old didn’t do his job good. It have to be a lawyer who is dedicated in his or hers work with refugees.
asked May 20, 2020 in Asylum proceedings by Forrest | 343 views

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Hello Forrest@ where are you or is he living
answered May 20, 2020 by Denny28
He is living in Oberndorf am Neckar
@Denny28, I hope you still remember me, I am the guy that posted about been illegal and how which lawyer is good to fight a case whereby my German woman born for me. I have done the vaterschaft and right to the child(custody) and birth certificate of the child .. everything and my lawyer has fought for my file to be transfer from Bayern to NordRhein westfallen though they stress my lawyer but finally , they transfer it to my woman state ..but before I do the vaterschaft at Jugendamt, the lady at Jugendamt said, ausländerbehorde told her that we should do a DNA test before will do it for us ..we did it and it was positive ,we have done all as I mentioned early in this post . The ausländerbehorde will give me duldung next month . After the Duldung , my lawyer will apply for permit ... I want to know if it's possible that they will grant me stay despite that I was illegal before ? Or they will ask me to go back to Nigeria and come back with family reunion visa? What do you think ?
I am seeking advice for good lawyer, I think you are writing your comment in the wrong place
@Forrest I understand, but I know Denny
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