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I was married german citizen. I came in germany through family reunion visa. I went through all proccess of getting marriage with foreigner. My documents are verified by german embassy in my home country. I am divorced and my status is asylum seeker in germany. I am going to marry with EU citizen in Germany. Do I need to verify my all documents again or they are still valid in germany?  Because its cost money and time. I have divorced order from german court, Vaild passport and verified birth certificate. Please guide me.
asked Aug 24, 2020 in Legal advice by Amji

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Dear @Amji

Welcome to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us. 

If all those documents were verified and accepted in the procedures before, I am not seeing any reason for now why they shouldn’t be accepted this time.

The safest way would be, that you consult your local registry office (Standesamt) directly as this will be the authority giving the final decision about it as well.

I hope this helps and please don’t hesitate to get back to us with any further questions. 

All the best, 


answered Aug 28, 2020 by Meike
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