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hello i am from pakistan , i came as a refugee in itlay  , then i come to germany illegal , last month i married with a german woman, but auslender behorde telling me go back to italy or pakistan and apply for reunion visa , give your opions , thanks
asked Jul 1, 2020 in Legal advice by bilal waqas

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Dear bilal waqas,

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us again.

Unfortunately, going to your country of origin and applying for a family reunion visa will be the regular procedure in this matter, as we also discussed, for instance, in this thread.

You will need to give the immigration office (Ausländerbehörde) very good reasons why you actually can not travel back and why they need to make an exception and grant you a residence permit without the visa procedure. As this is a quite difficult process, I would recommend you to seek support by a lawyer in this.

Would you agree dear @manrhei-mbeon or @mbeon-Lena?

Please don't hesitate to get back to us with any further questions.

All the best,


answered Jul 3, 2020 by Meike
thanks for your kind information , the thing is i was married when i have Aufenthaltsgestattung from bamf and according to §39 Nr 5 auslander behorde can procced it
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Hello bilal waqas,

I agree with Meike's opinion: normally you can't get married without a valid residence permit in Germany. If the marriage was concluded abroad, it may still be recognized.

Best regards

answered Jul 6, 2020 by manrhei-mbeon
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