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Dead sir/ Madam

I have come to a point of getting my resident permit through my kids who was granted 3 years Aufenthalterlaubis with the blue passport, me and my fiance arrives here 2013 December and I will be 7 years in Germany by December 2020. I have both the custody right and Vaterschaft of the both kids, I have been working since 2018 without any social benefit.  January I got a letter from the Auslanderbehorde that I should come with 3 passports photos, 58 euros geburh, Reisepass ,my Duldung,  Lohnabrechnung,  3 months Lohnzetel and also the Lohnzetel from Jobcentre for my wife.  

I have provided all the legal documents but last month on the appointment date they gave me 6 month's Duldung.  Meanwhile the man from the Auslanderbehorde has inform my lawyer that my Identity is not cleared and also I have a police case 2016 .

My lawyer ask me to get a new Polizei Furhungzeugnise and today my Furhungzeugnis is cleared and nothing inside anymore.  

I.wamt to ask if I sent the copy of the Furhungzeugnis to the man from the Auslanderbehorde will they give me the Aufenthalterlaubis?? I'm processing my Identity to be cleared also. Please advice
asked Jun 5 in Legal advice by Gago

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