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Good morning, sir,

I would like to know if it is possible to claim refugee status in Canada during a stopover at the Toronto airport?  I am flying from Copenhagen to Rio de Janeiro with Air Canada.  There will be a five-hour stopover at the Toronto airport.  Knowing that we will be in an international zone during this time...
asked May 21 in Asylum proceedings by SaharaMan

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Hello @ SaharaMan,

thank you for sharing your question with us and welcome to Wefugees. Wefugees is a Germany based platform and our experts fare focussing on German laws because questions within the realms of German laws are paramount here.

As far as i know, unlike Germany there is no airport procedure (=transit zone procedure) in Canada, The Canadian law makes provisions for the asylum prodedure when you reach a port of entry. A transit zone, as you commented yourself, isn't such a point, so it's improbable that you can apply for asylum there.

I'd like to draw your attention a very informative Canadian website: I hope this page will answer some questions.

Best regards


answered May 27 by mbeon-Christine
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