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Dear Team,

Please help my friend about below concern,

My friend  is having ID card from italy and he found job in Germany. Job contract which goes to Aulanderbehode says 15 euro per hour and they pay 10H per hour for him. apart from that when they take signature for job description, job contract they gave him compy of that too. in addition to that they take signature for 4 more pages and did not give any copy for him. and he managed to take photos of that 4 pages. once it read with the help of german speaker it says 1 paper for resignation and and other paper which says 26 days vacation salary already paid. so far I did not take any vacation and I did not gave any resignation later. Moreover I have registered for my job in NRW state and I am working in Nurenberg. In addion to that I am not getting any consistent salary too.example 1st month 1600, 2nd 3rd 1300 and 4th 900 etc.

I am confused now and afraid of loosing job because they obtained resignation letter signature from my friend and vacation salary letter. I dont have enough money to go for lawyer in this case and I dont have any opinion what to do in future.

pleas help me;

1. what actions I can take for this,

2. what will happen if I loose job - can I apply job lose and find new job?

3. If I resign now will german goverment sponsor me for accomadation?

4. my german ID card on process. I did not recived yet. that also going to NRW address becaise my employer registeed me there.
asked May 17 in Legal advice by Taniya

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