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my girlfriend is a British citizens working and living
 here in Germany.we have 2 kids together
and I have the vatershaft and custody now I have gotten negative for my asylum and I don't know how I should apply for duldung and should I quote law in the foreign office for them to give me the duldung or they automatically know about the decision for my asylum and they will give me duldung just like that?
asked May 12 in Asylum proceedings by Yaba
Dear @Yaba, Welcome back to the Wefugees community. In order to keep information in one place and a better overview, I would like to recommend you to make use of the comment function for clarifications and further discussion instead of opening another thread. I deleted the last thread you opened with the same content, I hope it is okay for you. I am sure, that one of our experts will get back to you very soon. All the best, Meike

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