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So, I am 42 and would like a career change and settling in Germany afterwards. I would like to apply for Masters degree, but my passion is do do Ausbildung in Elderly Care Nursing, or Social Work. I would like to apply for student visa for Masters degree because I stand better chance of Visa, but I want to change to Ausbildung after I arrive. Is change possible with new law? Is Ausbildung realistic at my age, in terms of getting a place? I am currently doing B1 German and hope to have B2 by August 2020.
asked Apr 4, 2020 in Education by Siku

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Hello again @Siku,

thank you for sharing your question with us.

As nursing is a so called bottleneck profession, you always stand a good chance to get a place in one of the schools. A change is possible under the new law. As soon as you get a contract from a school, you can apply for a visa according to § 16 a sentence 2 Residence Act. Triennial nursing schools start 1st of September. Your application for a visa according to § 16 is possible six month before the beginning of your training in school, not earlier (otherwise you would have to apply for the visa in your home country).

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answered Apr 6, 2020 by mbeon-Christine
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