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My friend is due to get his Resident permit because his family have 3 years resident permit and he is now 7 years in Germany.  His asylum got finish last year December and now he have 3 month's Duldung.  

On the 23rd January one of the room from the Auslanderbehorde sent a letter to her blawyer that because of the crime he committed 2013 when coming to Gemany illegally and also 2016 that he will not get the Resident permit.  Then on the 24th January's another room from the Auslanderbehorde wrote him a letter directly to his address stating that he should bring his Duldung, the last three months Lohngehalt, 58euros,  3 photograph not less than 3months, Eltengeld beschied,  Jobcentre beschied of his fiancee, and original passport. And he should post them the necessary papers 3 weeks before his appointment date on the 8th of April.  

A negative letter was sent to the lawyer on the 23rd and a positive letter was sent to him to his address. Now he is confused if the Auslanderbehorde made a mistake. If they made a mistake of asking him to bring the necessary paper how come they didn't see it from the computer what the man sent to the lawyer on the 23? I heard only when you have crimes you dont get a german passport but not a normal resident permit.  Should him go ahead with the positive letter that was sent to him personally??
asked Mar 7, 2020 in Legal advice by Gago

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Dear @Gago,

the case seems to be a bit complicated. As there is a lawyer involved I would address him with the questions you have. It makes no sense that we on this online-platform "guess" what the Ausländerbehörde plans or if they made a mistake. The lawyer or your friend must contact the Ausländerbehörde to answer your question.

By the way: Did the letter from the 24th actually say that he will get residence permit?

I am sorry I have no better answer for you.

Kind regards,


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answered Mar 17, 2020 by mbeon-Ruth
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The letter that was sent on the 24 stats that he should come with his passfotto, 58 euros Geburh, Duldung, Reisepass, and he will get Ficktionalbescheidnigung
answered Mar 22, 2020 by Gago
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