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asked Feb 19 in Legal advice by Romario jones
Dear Romario,

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If you have the refugee status (with blue book you mean the refugee passport?), you usually get a residence permit for three years. The chances are quite high, that it will be extended after that period. What exactly do you mean with normal residence permit? A permanent one?

Looking forward to your response.

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Hey thanks for the answer.
Yes i have a resident permit id for 3years. But i would like to know if i can get my id to connect with my home country passport instead of having the blue book

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Dear Romario,

thank you for sharing your question with the wefugees community.

Let me try to answer your question: You are legally in Germany since you are a recognized refugee. As a refugee you were persecuted by your country of origin. If you now start using your home country passport BAMF might think that you are no longer persecuted by your home country and you might lose your residence permit ("Aufenthaltstitel", I guess that's what you mean when you wrote "German ID"). Therefore, it would not be logical for Ausländeramt to "link" your Aufenthaltstitel to your home country passport.  
If you have another valid reason to stay in Germany, e.g. work, family (you wrote that you have a child, is the father/mother German? Then you could apply for an Aufenthaltstitel as parent of a German child) you could apply for another Aufenthaltstitel. 

I still don't understand why you would like to change since the refugee status gives you a number of benefits compared to a "normal" residence permit...



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answered Feb 21 by mbeon-Bernd
Dear @mbeon-Bernd, Thank you for your thoughtful answer! Very important information! Best, Meike
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