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Dear Wefugees Team.

I have received  yesterday Beschäftigung Duldung for 30 months . I have worked full time in a company for more then three years .

What is the future of this Beschäftigung Duldung. Will i get Permanent Residency after 30 months or will I get visa ? I have already done B1 . And how long does it will take to get German Passport.

Your answers are highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Best regards
asked Feb 9 in Legal advice by Khan
This Beschäftigung Duldung you make a application first or ausländerbehörde give you  directly.or your lawyer apply for this Beschäftigung Duldung.or ausländerbehörde write you a letter. Please  answer me.i am also 30 month do work and 18 months Duldung. I am waiting your answer
Danke dir Khan

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3 Answers

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My lawyer have applied for me it’s better to take legal help from lawyer in order to avoid deportation.
answered Feb 9 by Khan
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Which city you live or  your lawyer name .where he live .I am from Pakistan
answered Feb 9 by Rana
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Drop your number here I will call you tonight to explain it to you in detail
answered Feb 10 by Khan
WhatsApp number,015211325044.please write me I am waiting
Dear @Rana, As this platform is public, I would highly recommend you not to publish any private data - including your cell phone number - here. It would be better if you delete that post as soon as possible. I hope you understand and please get back to us if you have any questions or if you need support. All the best, Meike
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