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Dear wefugee team ,

Thank you for the wonderful site . I am living in Germany since September 2015 and my asylum is rejected from BAMF and court . I started my duales Studium last year in international Business and i Applied for Ausbildung Duldung but the authorities denied to issue me Ausbildund Duldung because I am studying in university and also working in company which is unfortunately no Beruf.

I given my passport to my lawyer and he told me that there is only once Chance which is Beschäftigung Duldung you will get it .

My question is what is my future with Beschäftigung Duldung if I get it ? And when I can get Aufenthalt in Germany if I have Beschäftigung Duldung.

Kindly reply me what should I do as I have already handed over my passport to authorities.

Any information about Beschäftigung Duldung. Your comments will be highly appreciated.

Kind regards

asked Aug 5, 2019 in Legal advice by Khan

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Who ask you to give your passport to the authority? From what I know, after 30 months you can get residence permit. And it starts 1st January 2020.
answered Aug 6, 2019 by Donmorris
Thank you so much for your reply . Yesterday I meet with my lawyer he told me that he want to contact with Ausländer Behörde and Regierung presidium to stop my deportation till December 2019 as on December 2019 I will have Duldung for one year and after that I will get Beschäftigung Duldung as i am doing duales Studium. But my question is that am I able to travel with this Beschäftigung Duldung and what’s my future as I am living in Germany for the last four year and Wirkung for full time for the last three years .
OK. .. He must be a good lawyer!
You cannot travel outside Germany with Beschaftigung duldung. After 30 months you can get proper residence which you can travel.
Which city in Germany are you please?
Thank you for your comments I have a question will a person get two years visa or permanent residency in Germany after 30 moths Beschäftigung Duldung ? I live In badan Württemberg near Freiburg
Honestly after 30 months I don't know  if they will give permanent residence or 1,2 or 3 years. But the most important thing is getting proper residency after 30 months.
My case is similar to yours.
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Thank you for reply
answered Aug 6, 2019 by Khan
edited Aug 7, 2019 by Khan
Now that foreign office have your passport,  won't they deport you before January 2020 ? This is what you must confirm from lawyer
I don’t know but my lawyer will contact Ausländer Behörde and i Hope for the best
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