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If two duldung holder (who has no brith certificate or passport) live together and give birth a child, what is the status of the child? And will the parents benefitted (i.e. getting residence) through their child?

N.B.: They are married in their homeland and recognised in their homeland. But They are in fear if they show their marriage certificates (which show their NID or birth certificate number), they can easily get deported.
asked Jul 14, 2019 in Legal advice by sabbirnbd
edited Jul 14, 2019 by sabbirnbd

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Hi Sabbirnbd, thanks for your question.

As a duldung  holders , your child will also get the same status which you or your wife having because none of you is holding German resident permit. In case, one of you as the parents or two of you is holding German resident Permit then your child will be qualify for resident permit under the Para.   ยง33 of  German law but because you and your wife are duldung holders, the child will also get the same duldung and I'm sorry to hear that on your side, it shall be well for you and your family.
answered Jul 14, 2019 by Denny28
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