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Good evening,

I am a Married to norwgian citizen but my asylum case got rejected in Italy, but i am waiting for my ricorso or reschedule of interview with the judge to evaluate my cases, i am a holder of 6 months request of asylum papers so i can work and live in this country while waiting for the decision of italy, My question is is there nay possibility to re apply a family reunification in italy since i am married with a EEA citizen?  ( can get family reunification or apply one from norwegian authority since i don´t have passport) can i get a normal visa since i am married to him.? what would be my status be like in this country?  what is the best options to do to be with my husband

Thanks for all your help.

asked Jan 31, 2020 in Legal advice by asylum51021

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submit your marriage paper to the questura and apply for a resident permit
answered Jan 31, 2020 by ERKHTS
Dear Yaba,

Thank you for your answer. You think once i submitted my marriage paper to Questura they will give me
Normal permesso/ visa that i can travel and i can get my passport back?
your passport is with them ? if yes ofcourse they will give you back
Dear Yaba,

Thank you for your help. I have appointment this 5 02 2020. And let you know what theh will say.

Thank you
Dear Yaba and all who can help.

I visited Questura but they haven´t give any clear answer whether i can or cannot  or get my passport back with this marriage. they renew my asylum case which is ok since i am waiting for the interview to the judge so meaning i can stay here while waiting for the interview/ ricorso..   the only thing they said is, they need to see my husband since he is living in norway, is that ok or?  any other options or possble way?  thanks
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