I am British and have two children with my husband (1year old and 4 year old). We have been married for 5 years.  Please can somebody help/advise. Is there any way of me calling my husband over to the UK.  Who do I contact please or how do I do this if it is possible? Would I need to apply from here in the UK or does my husband need to apply from Germany.  I have received conflicting information and so I am very confused and extremely stressed by this.  Solicitors here in the UK said it would not be possible as he is in the asylum process in Germany.  I spoke to my husband's lawyer today and he seems to think that there would be a way for me to call him over but he is not sure how.  He mentioned about stopping his asylum appeal process but only After I know and am able to process him coming over.  But I do not know how or whom to contact.  I just feel is it not our Human Right to be able to be together as a family.  I work full time.  Please can someone kindly guide me. . is there any solution or do we just live as a split family. . .
Many thanks in advance
asked Nov 11, 2019 in Asylum proceedings by aruba
I'm in same situation.  my girlfriend is from leeds and we have 2kids 4 and 1 year but now she has finally come here in Germany to live and she is working now.. if you want you can respond we keep looking for ways together xx

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I am afraid the answer if he can come to UK or not depends on the britisch rules for the family reunion. As an asylum seeker in Germany, rejected or not, he has a possibility to go to a britisch embassy and make an application for a visum with the aim of family reunion. You must check before, what documents he needs or what conditions he must fulfil. He doesn't apply from his own country of origin and it is possible that the britisch embassy only takes applications from people with a residence permit in another country. In this case he really has no possibility from Germany if he has only his paper as an asylum seeker.

In most cases you can find the conditions on the websites of embassies or contact them through a mail although I have no idea if they answer soon.

If your husband fulfils all other britisch conditions for family reunion, it can be even better to make an application from his country of origin. And if he doesn't fulfil them all, it wouldn't be possible from any country.
answered Nov 23, 2019 by Alla_fka
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