I arrived to Germany towards the end of 2015. And applied for refugee status immediately. Between 2016 or 2017 I got granted "subsidiary Schutz" so not fully recognised as a refugee on which I appealed and got accepted from 2018 onwards with a refugee-status. Does this subsidiary schutz period affect my rights to apply does it add extra years to the process requirements or do I simply just apply like a normal refugee after 6 years?

I'd really appreciate anyone's support on this matter and to help me understand the process. since my mom is extremely ill and I want to see her soon unfortunately with my currant travel doc I'm not being granted the visa I need to see her. So I can't wait to become a citizen and be able to travel freely to my mom.

asked Jan 26, 2020 in Legal advice by Tyler | 984 views

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Hi Tayler,

Thank you for asking the Weefugees-Community,

According to the "Verwaltungsvorschrift zum Staatsangehörigkeitsgesetz" (would be something like the adinistrative regulations on the law of citizenship in english). Rechtmäßiger Aufenthalt im Inland; anrechenbare Aufenthaltszeiten

Als rechtmäßiger Aufenthalt zählen alle Zeiten, in denen der Ausländer

f) in Fällen der Anerkennung als Asylberechtigter [...] eine Aufenthaltsgestattung nach dem Asylverfahrensgesetz [...] besessen hat .

-> If one is recognized as a refugee, the time counts from the formal Asylantrag (when one is issued the Aufenthaltsgestattung NOT the duldung). The fact that refugee status was not directly granted and that this had to be challenged in court is of no impact in this regard.

 Please be aware that the "normal" requirement is 8 years, which can be shortend to 6 years if the person is "extraordinary integrated".

If you have further questions, feel free to ask.


answered Jan 27, 2020 by Marco_MBE
Hey so you mean that all the time counts from the day I've applied for Asyl? Even the time during which I was granted a subsidiaryschutz and had to appeal to court
Additionally which department is responsible for granting citizenship?
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