Hi ,

first of all I wanna thanks to the all members and specially Meike who answered me last time it was so helpful thanks a million for that :)

Me(non Eu) and my wife(Eu citizen)decided to separated after four years of marriage , we lived two years in Ireland and now it’s been two years in Germany my wife is moving back to her country forever and I have 5 years spouse visa (member of union citizen)  so do I have to inform to local immigration authorities about this ?? If yes will they give me a new resident permit or I can continue with my current resident card ??

Also I would like to know that is it important for me that she must have worked for these past two years or melding is enough ?? We never took any social benefit I was working but she didn’t work for these past two years  

And lastly if we ended up getting divorced can I apply for permanent resident card after five years of marriage route or I have to spend 8 years in total in order to gain permanent resident card ?

Looking forward for your feedback

Thanks :)
asked Jan 4, 2020 in Legal advice by Parthi dharan | 1,929 views
Hi dear Parthi dharan,
i am in same condition as you were please can you advise me what you did and what is you status now and what i can do it will be great help if  You share some of your experience.
i can write you my me email if possible you can send me email. safeelabas@gmail.***

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Hello Parthi dharan,

you can stay in Germany when:-

- the marriage or civil partnership has existed for at least three years, up to at least one year in Germany, before the judicial divorce or annulment proceedings are initiated


when you have a job here or you are searching for one.

The family members generally retain their status, which is expressed in the residence card.

If you yourself have the status of a citizen of the Union with the right to free movement, then you acquire the right of permanent residence after 5 years.

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Best regards


answered Jan 10, 2020 by manrhei-mbeon 1 flag
Me(non Eu national)and my wife(Eu national) applied for divorce after living together for 4 years together 2 years in Ireland and 2 years and two months respectively in Germany my wife is Bulgarian national and she applied for divorce in Bulgaria with mutual consent because she doesn’t want to live here anymore now my Solictior is saying that she have to live with me until the divorce and even after the divorce to apply to retain my resident rights , is that a right information ?? Cox she doesn’t want to live with me anymore and even if I say to her that please live with me until divorce she won’t live with me so my question is
>Currently I have resident permit for 5 years (family member of Eu national)
Can I retain my  resident rights after divorce with current situation ??
Because my Solictor saying it’s very important that she have to live with me until divorce and even after that until I retain my resident permit rights again ?? Please answer me briefly
Hello Parthi dharan,

Please, can you contact me in the app mbeon. There I can give you more informations.


Best regards

B., Schünemann

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