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asked Jan 4 in Legal advice by Rana

Dear @Rana

Thank you for reaching out to the Wefugees community. Could you please explain again, what exactly your question is? I have some difficulties to understand it. 

Looking forward to hear from you again. 

Best wishes, 


Yes my asylum is rejected and I do work like 28 months Germany my stay is 3 years and Bumf also rejected me and court also rejected me.i have Duldung like 18 months and I give my country originally passport before six months. This December 2019 in Duldung first time write there AZR-Nummer.i worry why and what is this .search in google many places and but not sure why that give me this.(2),second data exchange, data protection. Like this write .correct what is this .
Hi Rana, could you please tell me what was the outcome of your process?
Because they also wrote AZR number in Aufenthaltsgenehmigung Ausweis about 3 months ago.
I'm also worry.

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Every time give me ausweis like 3 months and some days .last two years same like this .3 months and some days
answered Jan 6 by Rana
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Dear @Rana, I don't think you need to worry about the AZR-number. As far as my research went, "AZR" stands for "Ausländerzentralregister", the central register for foreigners in germany. This register is meant to be used by different authorities and offices of the german administration, in order to access the same data. If e.g. an office needs to look up your case, the "AZR-number" allows them to find your case and the according data. Here you find more information about the AZR number: (the page is in german) Does this answer your question?

answered Jan 7 by Henny
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