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im recognized refugee in Cyprus and i want to move to Spain i got recognize  about 2 years ago

am i allow to work in spain ?
asked Dec 8, 2019 in Work by drjames27

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first of all, you must know the laws of Spain in this context. There are naturally EU-Guidelines for refugees, but each country hat its own rules. I have an impression from what I heard, that in Spain it can be easier to stay because of a job than in Germany, but if you want be sure, you need to know the rules.

Generally, if a person with a refugee status lives in a country which issued it, for 5 years (working and earning your living can also be a condition), the person can get a EU-wide long-term residence permit and with this go to any other EU country, live and word there. Only social help in another country can be a problem.

If it is possible to come to Spain without a working visum only with a refugee residence permit, I don't know. In Germany it would be not so easy, the migration authorities can ask you to go back and to apply in a German consulat for a visum (for which you must first have a job offer).
answered Dec 21, 2019 by Alla_fka
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