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Hi everyone,

I have a serious issue now, i am on student visa and have been in germany for two years and every year as international student we need to block amount of 10,300 Euro so then they will extend our student visa. BUt I could not block this money last year neither i can now and they said if i cannot block this amount they will send my application to high authorities at auslanderbehorde then they will take decision on my application. I am worried what to do ? why they are not extending my visa even i can support myself financially by doing mini jobs but thats not enough for them they said. BTW i am student in Darmstadt. looking for help.
asked Nov 18, 2019 in Education by Jeddy

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Dear @Jeddy

Thank for reaching out to the Wefugees Community again. 

Unfortunately, I’m not an expert in the field of international students and the requirements German universities ask for. 

In one of your previously opened threads, you asked for a good English speaking lawyer in your region. As your situation sounds indeed quite complicated to me and you also think about applying for asylum (as I also read in your comments earlier), I want to support your idea of consulting a lawyer or a good migration counseling office. 

I think Melina gave you some tips how to find those respectively close to your place of stay, right? 

If you need further support, please let us know! 

All the best, Meike

answered Nov 21, 2019 by Meike
Thank you Meike, werefugee Team have been a great help.
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