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For 8 years i had  permanent resident then i had Duldung for 1 year but currently having residence permit.
I spoke to them and they said they are not sure because i had duldung for 1 year though it was Ausbildung Duldung but i have never applied for asyl.
They said i cant apply since am getting additional money from Jobctr even though i have small kids and doing Ausbildung.
I have passed intergration course and i have B1 certificate.
For the last 8 years i had full time Job and never asked Money from the government
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asked Nov 13, 2019 in Legal advice by Pan 123

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according to the Citizenship law a break in the period with a legal status (residence permit) ist not harmful if it happened because one didn't apply for an issuing or prolonging of a residence permit on time. In your case you lost a residence permit for a Duldung, so I am afraid that it breaks the necessary period of time for the citizenship. The Ausbildungsduldung is also a Duldung. But I am not sure, if there are no exclusions.

The problem with Job Center is perhaps not so bad, if you only need little additional money because of the children. In this case they sometimes make an exclusion, but it is in their discretionary power.

I would anyway consult a specialist, perhaps a good lawyer who specialises in migration law.
answered Nov 23, 2019 by Alla_fka
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