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My Gambian boyfriend who lived in Germany for almost 6 years had his asylum rejected. Now it seems like he can stay if he apply for work permit. He have a good job and have been working at this place for almost 2 years. If he give the authorities his passport and get work permit, can they then deport him when they want without any warning? We want to get married in Germany and then after that it is the plan that we will apply for family reunion in Denmark (I am Danish and live in Denmark) but we are afraid that he will be deported in the meantime.
asked Mar 28, 2020 in Work by Forrest
Hello again @Forrest, thank you for sharing your question with us. Some further information is needed to clarify the situation of your partner. Is the asylum procedure still pending, i.e. did he appeal against the first decision, and does he hold a temporary residence permit (called "Aufenthaltsgestattung") or any other kind of residence permit? Best regards, mbeon-Christine
He made his final appeal Verwaltungsgericht and he want to apply forBeschäftigungsduldung, he have work and been working there for 2 years and normally he renew his documents in every 6 months. If he apply for  beschäftigungsduldung is it then a risk to submit his passport? Can they deport him any time they want? And does the corona crisis affect their decisions about workpermit now? Best regards

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Is there already a written confirmation from the immigration office that he meets the requirements for a Beschäftigungsduldung? In such cases, I always apply for a Beschäftigungsduldung  at the immigration office and wait if they confirms it can be granted. Prerequisite for a Beschäftigungsduldung is not a passport, he just has to have a "clarified identity". So he could first present a birth certificate or similar and see if that is enough for the immigration office and  later the passport.

answered Apr 12, 2020 by Juana Steberl
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