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I have received letter from Landrasamt that my asylum has been finished and I have to provide them my passport. As I did apply an Ausbildungduldung through my Solictor. But, they didn’t mention this in that letter. They said, you’ve applied your asylum and now it’s finished and you’ve to provide your passport. So, we can arrange your deportation and I do not understand that how can they ignore regarding my Ausbildung. 

I have already finished 1 years and this is the second and last year of my Ausbildung - just 8 months to go and I will have my Abschluss Prüfung and will get my certificate. 

My Ausbildung called Sozialpflege - staatlich geprüfte Ausbildung. I’ve applied for the passport already and I’ve evidence to show the Ausländerbehorde. 

So, the main question is that can they deport me? Will they ignore my Ausbildung Platz? 
Or what can I do to prevent this? 

Your answers will be very valuable for my issues. I hope to hear from you soon.  

Many thanks

asked Sep 21, 2019 in Education by Roger123
Hallo Roger123
Please can you tell me what happened in your case because my case is also same
Please help me
With regard wani

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I'm glad to hear from you.My Name is PetraN. Your question is a little back, is it still current? Have you already been able to clarify something? What is your  status?

Many greetings


Please feel free to contact me again. I would be happy to answer your further questions. In case you need a confidential consultation you can also write me at mbeon, which provides advice for adult immigrants in Germany via an app. Download the app at Google Play or  App Store and get in touch with me or 160 other migration advisors. It's free of charge, anonymous, data secure and you can get advice in 15 different languages. Find more information here:

answered Dec 19, 2019 by mbeon-PetraN.
Dear @mbeon-PetraN.,

Many thanks for your reply and a very warm welcome to the Wefugees Community!
We are really happy to have you on board now! :-)

It is also really nice, that you have a look at older questions, which might not have been answered yet.

Looking forward to hear from you again!

All the best,

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