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My name is khani I seek asylum in Germany 2015 and on 2016 January the federal Republic deported me to Spain because of fingerprint then I seek asylum on Spain and got 5 years protection resident and then I come to Germany to visit my girlfriend then we got baby girl and also my baby is German and the mother I got vatershaftknung and and got standesamt urkunde with vater name then we went me and my wife to ausländerbehörde  to ask for family visa then I told I was in. Germany before and they checked my data   and they saw I was deported and before from onother German state so they told me my data here before was same name but different birthday  so  they told me to go back to Spain in German embassy to seek visa which is very hard for me especially staying Spain waiting for a visa from embassy it takes time and being jobless there is hard to live?
So I decided to go back to my old place where they return me from to re open asylum again and show my Vaterschaftsanerkennung if I have a German kid so please is it OK yo do that or?

What can I do  I am avoiding Spain to go back
asked Sep 18, 2019 in Legal advice by Khani

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Good morning brother

The thing is you must be happy they don't issue about your date of birth and they simply say go to Spain and get visa and the reason they say this you can challenge them but it's your waste of time because being German family member if it's about your wife and kid to be the family member German you must get visa from home country but as you having stay in Spain so they ask you to go and get visa in German embassy spain because that's the process you must be happy to do that because German embassy in Spain will grant you entry visa to German then here your process will be easy once you enter with visa and my you need a1 language too and the fact it's no work or hard to stay in Spain but it don't take long in German embassy in Spain it takes time but not much better then wasting time here and headache here

Best of luck
answered Sep 19, 2019 by Musawvir
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