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I am a recognised refugee in Germany, holding a blue passport with three years of residence permit. I am an Engineer and working in my field with a permanent job contract. Currently, I want to marry a girl, she is Afghan but living outside Afghanistan for decades.

Could you please guide me about the process and expected duration of the process?

Thanks and regards
asked Aug 7, 2019 in Legal advice by Kahmad

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The first question would be, what country are you from? Because some countries like Nigeria, it's very difficult to get married here, since you have a passport, I will advise you to get married outside Germany like Denmark or so, but what's more important is, to certified the marriage certificate but a competent court, before bringing it to Germany
answered Aug 10, 2019 by Jude Benson
Thank you Jude for your response.
I am Afghan but I hold Blue Passport.
And where does your wife to to leaves?
She is living and working in Kuwait.
Then you have to ask question if your passport can get you to Kuwait, you get there and marry her, then get your certificate certified by the court there, comeback with he document, and get her an invitation, but all this is easy when you have a job
Unfortunately, I can't travel there. But it can happen in a third country.
But my question is what are the requirement (i.e. Language certificate from her?) and average processing period for this?
I have a full time permanent job contract.
If you want to travel to a third country,you need to check out for the requirements from that country about citizens of you county marriage requirements, your job is an added advantage, meaning you can care for your wife
Yes, but could you please tell me the requirements and processing period here in Germany?
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